The excessive wastage of semen is injurious to health

The major difference between human beings and animals is that; humans have speaking ability to convey their messages through words. . On the other hand, animals have the inability to pass their desires to others. You might have seen that animals don't change their sexual positions during the course as they have a lack of sense too. It is likely that if humans didn't have the speaking ability, they wouldn't get more much knowledge and made such a tremendous development in every field of life. Coming to the point, during the sexual intercourse, words uttered from the mouth of both the partners, put the very effective role in creating the climate of hotter and even more excited.

Well, if you don't have a sex partner for sexual joy, and you are extremely ablaze with sex, you spontaneously come to have masturbation. In a situation like this, if you want to get more joy from your masturbation, you can exchange hot sex chat lines to gain full enjoyment from the act. During the process of sex chat lines, role play is performed by both persons involved in sex chat.

With the use of sex chat lines, people get the psychological joy that affects them physically on their sex organs. During sexual intercourse whether it is performed alone or more than one person, a sort of energy is used and finally come out of penis and vagina in the form of fluid. It is the only energy in the body that gives the most joy of all other energies. But, when, you lose this energy after being discharged, you feel yourself exhausted too, as this energy is so much powerful. Excess in everything is no good to health, so the excessive wastage of semen is injurious to health.